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Of course all authors and publishers prefer to show off good news and reviews about their work, and we’re no different in that respect. So it’s good to report that feedback has been more than heartening for the story, and sufficient to cause the company to invest in the project’s wider potential, beginning with a new CD recording of ‘Now Mama’s Gone’, soon to be used as part of a Prospectus aimed at the ‘angels and investors who work in Stage Productions and the movie industry.

As for the book, and unsolicited reader responses; here are just a few returns:

      A damn good yarn, and good luck with the Play!

      I’ve just finished chapter one, and I’m hooked.

Some very ingenious ideas, and I particularly liked the way you ramped up the pace in the final chapters so it became almost un-putdownable….

Your Honours Degree from The University of Life has certainly been put to good use…an informative and gripping novel at times…. It was so beautifully written.

A real good read…would make a good film. What’s Spielberg up to…?

I have just finished your book, and must be honest and say that I really enjoyed reading it. I was living in Galmpton during the war ….I can remember the first time that I actually carried a US rifle. It was nearly as tall as me… and there were bars of real chocolate !!!!!!!

One third into the book, and my wife is thoroughly enjoying it

Thoroughly enjoyed your book, and trust you’re now employed on the follow up…

Congratulations! Where do all those thoughts and ideas come from……?

On a point of detail, Stuka planes did not find their way into this area, although I can see why it serves your purpose to say they did. However you've written a wonderful piece of quite authoritative fiction!

Members and vistors were given an 'interesting and illustrated talk by author of The Fields of Thyme novel, David Cohen, which included 'echoes of his own spiritual quest and journey' as an influence on his writing this wartime drama. There followed a 'lively questions and answers session'.

      His characters from local Devon people to the Americans.....really come alive.....His description of the goings on inside           the head of one of the main characters is a little scary, but none the less believable. This is a good read.

      An original, charming story (with) fantastical scenes throughout. I can see a film in it, and .........might be the man for           the job!

      'His book, The Fields of Thyme was set in WW11 in the Slapton area, and was a fascinating interplay between           characters and the rehearsal for the D-Day landings'.(Extract from an annual meeting review by the President of the           Salcombe WI, following a lecture by the book's author. pub: The 'Gazette; 30th May '14)

‘A fascinating story, and a very clever set of arguments.’ (See also: ADMISSIONS & EXPLANATIONS)