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My Dear Friends,

Well I’m sad to tell you that my return to our beloved Salcombe has proved to be such a huge disappointment, that I’ve decided to return to the Isles of Scilly, from which place I shall continue my quest for the Philosopher & The Eleventh Commandment.

Otherwise I’m going to sum up my disappointment, in terms of The Localism Act 2011 being such a massive failure for communities, and to suggest that for so long as the Government remains blind to the way the planning system is in meltdown, there’s frankly little point my staying on to argue further for the dismantling of the Act, and the giving of genuine local power to local people, through new legislation. In truth that’s unlikely to happen, and so it’s a challenge that will have to wait for the day we become self governing; except to mention that The Block Vote Campaign will remain on our website.

I’m conscious and regret this Missive has proved to be necessary, but fear not, because I remain hugely committed to The Principality of Salcombe 2250AD, and will continue to plan for our Independence, even as I cross oceans and deserts. So on the back of this, I’ll conclude by offering a modest example of community pride (or lack of it), by illustrating how one derelict old castle can continue to play a valued part in our cultural and economic future, and set this against a different such ‘relic’, where an absence of vision fails the building, and by definition the community who also have it on their doorstep.

So I hope this little nugget of your Admiral’s simple approach to ‘good futures’ helps put life into perspective, to which end, it’s back to the Isles of Scilly, and their Cromwell’s Castle, which is safe to approach, and where tourists are encouraged to visit, whilst here in Salcombe we have our own Castle (Fort Charles) on North Sands, which is not really respected (beyond an explanatory plaque on the roadside), and neither is it safe to explore, even if someone wants to. So with these comparable landmarks in mind, I shall sign off for the foreseeable future, with the familiar assurance made by that famous warmonger of great movies; who says, ‘I’ll be back!’ And Yes you know who I mean, so its Toodle Pip & Bon Chance, with love.

'Fort Charles Castle (Salcombe, Devon)’.

'Cromwell's Castle, Tresco on the Isles of Scilly'.