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I was returning to Totnes from London on my favourite evening train, and as ever, I ‘pitched up’ in the buffet car, to use the terminology of younger people. As readers know, I always enjoy the ambience created by city moguls on their way home, and apart from the pleasant thought they’re helping pay for my paltry pension, there’s often an interesting (if not occasionally rather stupid) conversation to listen into. And on this occasion the discussion was about the unwell Baroness Thatcher, who’s apparently having her illness managed in the Ritz Hotel; although not at the taxpayers’ expense I hope!

Anyway the chatter was about her raid on the Falkland Isles; which she’d taken back from the scurrilous Argentineans; and although I was tempted to correct their many misunderstandings, for once I bit my tongue. You see I just can’t fathom out how a lump of real estate 8000 miles away can possibly belong to Great Britain plc, and I therefore refrained from suggesting that our occupation seems somewhat akin to the Israeli land grab of the West Bank. Anyway the Iron Lady obviously saw things differently, which moved their conversation to the fact the sinking of the Belgrano was also totally justified. Of course that too remains an ongoing and somewhat controversial matter, but if one is to accept her assurances, so one can surely ask why it’s necessary to wait thirty years for the files to be released, before we can know beyond doubt that the PM was right - the whole business was not a distraction to more domestic concerns, including her considerable unpopularity. Indeed one of the travellers must have been reading my thoughts, because he found an adrenalin rush to pronounce: ‘If she’s so damnably right, why not open the files now, and be done with it!’, on which sound logic I thought; ‘You’re absolutely right, old chap!’ to which I’d like to remind readers that the Admiralty didn’t bury my file for thirty years, after the sinking of my H.M. S Unmissible! Oh No, in my case it was an immediate Court Marshall in uniform; and out of it in a suit from Oxfam.


As a bell like voice floated over many heads following the local showing of Les Miserables; “Didn’t they have lovely teeth in those days,” so my soul felt good for the first time that evening; because, to be honest, I thought the title of the movie fitted the production. It was indeed miserable. Still thanks to Nikki Blanch’s comment, I felt the outing worthwhile on her observation alone; albeit I gather she (and most everyone else) loved the film! So that was that, and it was soon onwards to another moment of optimism, but then disappointment, when I visited the first ‘Drop In’ Community Consultation offered by the developers for Site RA3 – the large site which includes the Park & Ride and the adjacent field, as you head out for Malborough.

As readers know, RA3 has been reserved for comprehensive development by South Hams District Council, but there’s a requirement for its design to be brought forward in a Master Plan, in which the community is to be involved. So it was with huge optimism that I looked forward the ‘Drop In’, where I quickly celebrated the first display stand which told that our thoughts would indeed be valued and taken into account in the drafting of the big idea. However, a little further on, and another display board rather spoilt the occasion when it ‘sort of’ made known that if we showed signs of having too many ideas, or eating into the developer’s fast track intentions for an early planning application; well they would ‘press ahead’ regardless! And so I’m afraid my heart sank, and remains in sinking mode. ‘Plus ca change’; as they say!

'The RA3 Drop In'